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Bravo! An Overseas Middle School Subordinated to Far East Horizon Stirred the British Education Circles

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Recently, such a piece of news has astonished the entire British education circles:


In the UK Chemistry Olympiad held by the Royal Society of Chemistry, all the 16 students sent by a school won awards, including 10 gold and 5 silver awards. Among them, 4 students were awarded the highest honor Gold Plus, ranking among Top 50 in the 8,000 contestants in the UK. This achievement came out on top in all middle schools participating in the competition!


More amazingly, in the university application season this year, 7 students have received interview invitations from the worlds top-ranked universities, including University of Oxford and Cambridge, accounting for over one-third of the total number of graduates.


The school as mentioned above that stirred the whole British education circle is The National Mathematics and Science College.


It is the flagship high school subordinated to  Far East Horizon in the UK!


Four students from The National Mathematics and Science College won the Gold Plus (top 0.7%) in the 2018 UK Chemistry Olympiad, ranking among the top 50 in the UK.


Integrating Chinese and Western Cultures, Being a model of International Elite Education


As an overseas flagship school jointly founded by Far East Horizon and Geoffrey Robinson MP, a British Labor Party representative and the Former British Finance Minister, , The National Mathematics and Science College is devoted to offering high-quality international elite education to students aged 15-19.



Following its tenet of caring for people, blending the western and Chinese culture, and shaping elites, Far East Horizon is committed to creating the most distinctive international elite education system, and providing the best education services to students and their families, in order to forge ingenious education cause.


To this end, Far East Horizon has originally proposed the goals and methods of, one system, one network, and one school. By perfecting and standardizing the education and teaching, logistics support, hardware setting and so on, Far East Horizon is integrating all schools subordinated to it into a complete network to share the superior resources and implement uniform standards, with a view to establishing a leading school-running level and a unified high-end brand image.


As the bridgehead in the elite education system of Far East Horizon, The National Mathematics and Science College integrates Chinese and western cultures and has accommodated over 20 students who transferred from domestic campuses of Far East Horizon to UK.

Focusing on STEM Education Practice and Gaining Fruitful Achievements

British elite education is time-honored and world-famous, while The National Mathematics and Science College is the first elite high school in the UK which focuses on providing STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education. The college is committed to cultivating students and helping them enter the Russell Group represented by University of Oxford and Cambridge and the Ivy League of the United States, to eventually become leaders of all industries in the future.


In 2018, all graduates of the college were enrolled by the Russell Group (British Top 24 research universities, called the British version of "Ivy League"), including Imperial College London, University College London and University of Edinburgh, etc. (Their world rankings are higher than Tsinghua University and Peking University).

Unique Academic Environment, Helping Students Taste to the University Life Earlier


Different from the Chinese domestic exam-oriented education, The National Mathematics and Science College pays great attention to the cultivation of students' learning ability and academic interest. It is committed to exposing students to scientific research as early as in the middle school and preparing them for the scientific research in the university.


There are no more than 12 students at each class in the college, where the one-on-one mentoring system is implemented. The teacher transforms the chemistry, biology, physics and other classrooms into a science and technology research laboratory. In the process of research, students must take the initiative to master all kinds of basic knowledge and skills, so as to obtain high scores in the exam. 


Meanwhile, the college is located in Coventry, a town of strategic importance in science and technology in the UK, which is home to abundant unique resources such as headquarters and R&D centers of Jaguar Land Rover Motor Corporation and Rolls-Royce Aircraft Engines and other advanced manufacturing companies. Therefore, students have easy access to these high-tech companies as a way of integrating knowledge and practice; or even go to the University of Warwick Engineering Laboratory, which is close at hand, to perform experiments and make face-to-face communication with professors, so they can taste the university life earlier.


Students are performing experiments in the Chemical Laboratory of The National Mathematics and Science College.


Broadening the Horizon and Emphasizing the Cultivation of Elite Consciousness and Comprehensive Ability


In addition to academic ability, the college also emphasizes the cultivation of students elite consciousness and comprehensive ability.


The college delivers a unique British parliament leadership development program, which is guided by the founding director of the college, a senior British Labor Party representative and the Former Finance Minister Geoffrey Robinson MP. Through this program, students can gain an in-depth understanding of the British political system, broaden their horizons, cultivate leadership and improve comprehensive qualities by means of discussions on many contemporary issues. 


Students are delivering a speech in parliamentary debating contest of The National Mathematics and Science College.


A British Labor Party representative Geoffrey Robinson MP is instructing students.


The college also collaborates with famous local theatres to create tailor-made Belgrade theatre projects (Belgrade Theatre is a long-established theatre in the UK) for students and a wealth of extracurricular activities to develop students artistic quality, self-confidence and teamwork ability.


Students are giving a performance publicly in Belgrade Theatre.


Students are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Outdoor Development Program.


Caring for People and Providing Students with Qualified Logistics Support


To relieve the worries of parents and students, the college also provides students with comprehensive and high-quality logistical support, so that they can immerse themselves in learning and campus life at ease.


The students dormitory is located in the downtown, with graceful surroundings and easy access to all amenities. Each student is provided with a single room with a bathroom, accompanied by a public area and a small kitchen, so that they can enjoy a quiet and suitable living environment.



The 24/7 care is provided in the dormitory, so that students can concentrate on learning.


In addition, the unified time for individual study and teachers supervision help parents feel more relieved for their children who are studying abroad.


All efforts are made only to create an elite college suitable for global talents under the educational tenet of caring for people, blending the western and Chinese culture, and shaping the elite of Far East Horizon.


In the future, with the rapid development of its overseas flagship school, Far East Horizon will strive to open the door to the world's prestigious universities for more Chinese students, and contribute to revitalizing national education and cultivating elites with both Chinese and western cultural deposits and global outlook.

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