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With Unified Management and Enhanced Collaboration, the Integrated Development of Talents Is Moving Ahead through Exploration

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Guided by the one network, one system, one hospital group strategy, Far East Horizon Healthcare Group is active in pushing ahead with a strategy of integrated talent management, comprehensively implementing the centralized management of core talents in the Group, and building resource-intensive platform to connect the inside and outside. The purpose is to rapidly improve the professional management level of the Group, strengthen the echelon construction of management talents in healthcare sector, and promote the rational flow of human resources within the Group.

Strengthening management team building in key positions

The fast-developing systems cant do without high-quality management and a group of management talents with consistent ideas, strong capabilities and outstanding performance.


The Group introduced the Regulations on the Management of Key Positions in Group Hospitals centering on the management and training of key positions in September this year, which further improves its management system and regulations for the key positions. In early November, it also initiated the assessment of the management of the Group hospitals on performance of duties and the recommendation of reserve cadres, so as to speed up the building of a flexible market-oriented employment mechanism geared to key positions. These initiatives will help tap into high-potential talents within the Group, meet the Groups urgent needs for talents, and pave the way for their career development.


At the same time, the Elite Class, an incubation platform which aims to train high-level management talents for industry, came into being this year. The training on the core theme of Culture Strategy, Hospital Management and Leadership Improvement was provided for 47 participants. In the future, combining with the systematic planning and training of reserve cadres, Elite Class will continue to be upgraded in course offerings, producing a flow of fresh talents to the Group.


The Elite Class in industry-oriented hospital management has completed courses recently.


Exerting the group effect and creating a talent exchange mechanism


Medical industry is typically talent-intensive while medical talents are a bottleneck to the development of many medical institutions.


In order to further revitalize human resources, the Group introduced the Detailed Rules for Management of Talent Exchange and Multi-sited License inside the Healthcare Group in 2017 to support and steer regional core hospitals to play the role of talent bases in exporting clinical experts to sister hospitals and supporting the development of Group hospitals.


Some examples are The Fifth Hospital of Deyang and Siyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, both of which have exported more than 50 professional talents to sister hospitals including Zhaotong Renan Hospital, Nayong Xinli Hospital and Chongqing Yudong Hospital, thereby greatly alleviating the shortage of talents in the development of new departments and multi-disciplines in these hospitals.


With the establishment of divisions and center in Gynecology & Pediatrics and Pathology, the Group will further establish a relatively unified, standardized and scientific career development system for clinical professionals. The whole-process management of professional career will be the Groups focus to promote internal learning and technical support of medical professionals at different levels and better leverage the intensive effect of one hospital group.


Innovating management mechanisms and promoting specialization in depth


With the focus on medical quality and refined management today, the professional management level largely determines the long-term development of a hospital.


Currently, there is still space for echelon building of talents in most of Healthcare Group hospitals because of their relatively weak foundation in management. By referring to the management model of horizontal integration and vertical specialization of Far East Horizon, the Healthcare Group is increasingly innovating its professional management model, and comprehensively promoting the centralized management of the headquarters in the medical professional management line. Especially with regard to qualification and appointment, the Group is moving away from focusing on things to both people and things, so as to ensure growing cohesiveness and centripetal force of professionals and the effectiveness of on-site management.


Meanwhile, the Group will sort out and integrate outstanding talent resources on a regular basis and carry out targeted top-down assistance programs, so that a professional learning base dominated by regional core hospitals can be gradually formed to provide accurate counseling to radiated hospitals through short-term training and on-the-job training.


In 2018, relevant plans have been tried under the unified planning of the Group. Siyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Fifth Hospital of Deyang have respectively established designated assistance mechanisms with Daishan Guanghua Hospital, Xinxiang Tongmeng Hospital and New Binhai Renci Hospital, accelerating the professional management of hospitals by short-term training and rotation in medical quality, nursing management, etc.


With increasing integration of talents, Healthcare Group will coordinate internal and external resources, establish systematic professional talent training and development programs, implement the exchange and rotation of vertical professionals within the Group in a planned manner, and gradually set up professional management mechanisms for professional talents.


As the basis for the implementation of integrated management strategy, talent integration is the engine of upgrading the hospital groups management and the guarantee for inheriting Far East Horizons culture.


Looking ahead, Healthcare Group will cultivate a fertile land to grow up talents, optimize centralized management mechanisms, better the performance of duties, set up insider talent exchange mechanisms and leverage HR shared and intensive effect of the Group.


Voice from front-line staff


The Fifth Hospital of Deyang


Xiao Jian, Director of The Fifth Hospital of Deyang

The Fifth Hospital of Deyang as part of Far East Horizon has responsibilities and duties to contribute to advancing group management. We provide talent assistance for sister hospitals for some reasons. On the one hand, our hospitals branch under construction in Zhongjiang needs a great number of talents, so the assignment will not only support the development of sister hospital, but also become a new model of exploring talent pool. On the other hand, we have more senior medical and health service staffs with limited practice chances. They get more operation chances in sister hospitals and have their own horizons and career paths broaden. It is recommended that the Group promote talent exchange system and regulations to normalize this assignment.


Li Hanhua, Associate Chief Physician of General Surgery Department, The Fifth Hospital of Deyang

External assignment is an opportunity and an honor for me. I have worked in General Surgery Department of Nayong Xinli Hospital and Renshou Yunchang Hospital where I have been acquainted with many colleagues so that I could communicate with them about the application and improvement of my own skills.


Shu Luanyong, Doctor-in-charge of Orthopedics Department, The Fifth Hospital of Deyang

I now work in Zhaotong Renan Hospital. I consider myself an angel who is offering benefits to more patients with my medical skills and is boasting our Groups culture that features responsibility, love, inclusivity and mutual improvement.

 (Since 2016, The Fifth Hospital of Deyang has sent the largest number of talents to sister hospitals, reaching up to 65.)


Siyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Ding Guitao, Former Head Nurse of Endocrinology Department, Siyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Incumbent Director of Nursing Department, New Binhai Renci Hospital 

When I join the nursing team of New Binhai Renci Hospital, I will work hard to promote the essence of nursing standardization management and help make the nursing service one of the hospitals attractions. At the same time, I must also learn here to realize my goal of two-way learning between hospitals as well as my personal growth.

 (Siyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has sent 2 nurses respectively to New Binhai Renci Hospital and Daishan Guanghua Hospital.)


Zhaotong Renan Hospital


Ren Jiahua, Director of Zhaotong Renan Hospital

We are very delighted that many colleagues from the Group hospitals have come to work at our hospital, and have supplemented the human resources in time for the construction of our new departments and hospitals. The experts of the sister hospitals have driven our clinical technology to a higher level. I hope that more exchange and improvement will be created between Group hospitals in the future.

 (From 2017 to today, there have been 10 staff from The Fifth Hospital of Deyang sent to work at Zhaotong Renan Hospital.)


Daishan Guanghua Hospital

Zhu Haijie, Daishan Guanghua Hospital

As a new comer, we are very grateful to the Group for its consideration in our needs for talents and provision of chances for us to exchange with and learn from fellow hospitals in the region. The injection of fresh talents has brought about new progress, allowing us to move forward with better quality, better service and higher efficiency.

 (A few days ago, Siyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine sent one nurse manager to Daishan Guanghua Hospital to provide support.)

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